Shots Fired & Flash Point for Healthcare

The Center for Personal Protection & Safety is proud to introduce its latest training solution specifically tailored for the Healthcare Community. SHOTS FIRED for Healthcare and FLASH POINT for Healthcare is a two-DVD training program set designed to empower the individual healthcare professional with knowledge and practical guidance on dealing with some of the most challenging situations they face in their work setting today.

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SHOTS FIRED for Healthcare:

Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation in the Healthcare Community

Designed to empower healthcare professionals with critical guidance on personally surviving, and protecting others, while inside an Active Shooter Event. Distinct from many workplace settings, the healthcare community has a unique requirement to promote a “safe and secure environment of care” for their patients. SHOTS FIRED for Healthcare addresses this issue head-on with decisive, proactive responses that can be used to increase the chances of survival for both caregiver and patient.

SHOTS FIRED for Healthcare covers
these critical topics:

  • The Survivor/Protector Mindset… A belief that you can take control in order to
    “survive and protect”

  • General and specific courses of action to take during an active shooter event

  • What to do when Law Enforcement
    arrives on scene

  • Guidance for surviving a hostage situation

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FLASH POINT for Healthcare...

Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Healthcare Community

Raises awareness and provides key insights surrounding the evolutionary nature of workplace violence.  Looking through the lens of the healthcare environment, FLASH POINT for Healthcare helps viewers learn to identify the earliest signs of trouble and what they can do to help prevent violence from erupting in the first place.



FLASH POINT for Healthcare provides key insights on these topics:

  • Understand what workplace violence is

  • Recognize early indicators, called Behaviors of Concern, that often precede violence
    in the workplace

  • Recognize signs of Domestic Violence as it affects the workplace environment

  • Understand the importance of early action as well as options for responding to and reporting warning signs

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Regrettably, workplace violence is quickly becoming more commonplace in our healthcare settings today. Disgruntled co-workers and staff, frustrated or high-risk patients, combined with distressed family members or visitors comprise what could be called a “triple-threat” environment.  In fact, the National Center for Victims of Crime reports that two out of three work-related assaults happening today occur within the healthcare industry.  And, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses and other personal care workers suffer workplace related injuries some 12 times the overall rate as that of the private sector!

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