Our Partners

CPPS is pleased to acknowledge the valuable partnerships we have formed to promote successful, solution-oriented training products.  By expanding our expertise, we took a major step forward to ensure quality training programs that set the pace in today’s marketplace.


OnBelay Security Solutions is a full service private investigative and security consulting firm that specializes in mitigating and solving security concerns. Our headquarters is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with regional offices in Reston, Virginia and Houston, Texas. We have a strong affiliate presence nationally and internationally with the capability to provide investigations and consulting services world-wide. OnBelay personnel have conducted investigations and consulted on security matters around the globe for corporations of all sizes, law firms, privately held companies, educational institutions, and high net-worth individuals. OnBelay Security Solutions consultants and investigators have established reputations of providing the very highest quality of security services with uncompromising thoroughness and integrity. www.onbelaysecurity.com

AT-RISK International, LLC

AT-RISK International, LLC is a recognized leader in global protective, consulting, investigative and training services. Our approach to risk management and mitigation is creating a new industry standard of performance. With offices, partners and resources around the globe, we are positioned to become your one stop solution to risk management.

Our specialized services include:

  • Close Personal Protection/Executive Protection

  • General Investigative Services

  • Threat Assessment and Threat Management

  • Workplace Violence mitigation, management, investigation and response

  • Security Program assessment, design and implementation

  • Executive Family Safety Programs

  • Operational Training

Our clientele include an ever expanding global community of political leaders, corporations and individuals. Several Prime Ministers, Presidential candidates, the U.S. Government, Fortune 100 corporations and independently wealthy individuals have turned to AT-RISK International to successfully manage their confidential matters with the highest level of confidence. For more information, visit www.atriskpi.com


iJET International, Inc. (iJET) is an intelligence-driven provider of business resiliency and risk management solutions to over 500 multinational corporations and government organizations - helping them survive and thrive amidst global threats to their people, facilities and supply chain assets. iJET's team of world-class intelligence analysts and patented Worldcue® Global Control Center technology solutions equip decision-makers and organizations with real-time information to anticipate, respond to and emerge from business disruptions with a competitive edge. For more information about iJET, visit www.iJET.com.

The Workthreat Group

The Workthreat Group, LLC, (TWG) began in 1988 as a full service threat and risk assessment security firm.  Utilizing the skills and training received from the United States Secret Service, as well as being educated in psychology and the behavioral sciences, TWG found its niche in the workplace for identifying, handling and preventing those who bully, harass, intimidate and threaten.  Hence, TWG today specializes in not only assessing the true risk potential of violence of individuals in companies, medical and mental health facilities, schools and universities as well as governmental agencies around the world, but also in training others on how to implement workplace violence prevention strategies in order to mitigate liabilities, avoid injuries and be compliant with regulatory agencies as well as current laws. For more information, visit www.workthreat.com

Guardian Angel Int. Consulting

Extensive experience serving Fortune 100 Corporate CEOs, Celebrities, Middle Eastern royalty and other leaders globally.

Our niche service over the past 12 years has been serving the Corporate Executive world, Principles and their families, travel that includes conducting pre-trip advances and providing an extra set of eyes as well as responding to the "What Ifs" of a situation.

Our global relationships help aid with Principles' travel needs where we keep in mind quality financial stewardship, as well as cost effectiveness without compromising safe, secure travel.

Guardian Angel International has preserved a pristine reputation for discretion, loyalty, and confidentiality. Our recurring question for Principles in all GAI operations is, "How may we serve you?"

Specializations Include:

  • Principle Family & Children Security - Very Low-Key, Discreet Services

  • Corporate - Executive Protection - Risk Management 

  • All travel Logistics, pre-trip advances, liaising in all aspects of safe travel. 

  • Asset Transportation & Asset Protection Services

  • Property Management, Auto, Yacht, and Private Aircraft Management Services

  • Consulting Corporations to individual training on the "What Ifs planning" from the office to personal assistants

             "Gossip betrays a confidence, 

      but a trustworthy man keeps a secret" 

                       Proverbs 11:13

Extremely Discreet, Loyal and Confidential


Please visit: www.guardianangelint.com