James Sporleder, President and Co-Founder
Center for Personal Protection and Safety

Having extensive experience in travel security and survival training, James Sporleder has led repatriation and debriefing projects for military and non-military personnel in crisis situations. He has also been a key analyst on assessment projects for the U.S. government to identify threats and risks while traveling and made recommendations for safer environments and better individual travel choices. 

Mr. Sporleder is responsible for directly training more than 5,000 high-risk-of-capture personnel from some of the most elite units in the military. Mr. Sporleder is a leading subject matter expert in crisis support and repatriation of U.S. Servicemen and women. During his government career, he was responsible for planning, preparation, support, and execution of numerous repatriation operations reaching back to 1993. He served as team chief in repatriation preparations for three U.S. Army soldiers held in Kosovo in 1999 and also led the debriefing team for that effort. He was additionally assigned as the Repatriation Team Chief, Forward, for the return and debrief of 24 United States Navy EP-3 Crew members detained for 13 days in the People's Republic of China.