James Sporleder, Senior Advisor, Distributed Learning and Production, Center for Personal Protection and Safety

As Senior Advisor, Distributed Learning and Production for the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, Jim has more than 20 years’ experience in security and is nationally known for his expertise in specialized captivity survival.  He’s responsible for directly training more than 5,000 high-risk-of-capture personnel from some of the most elite units in the military.  A leading subject matter expert in crisis support and repatriation of U.S. Servicemen and women, Jim was responsible for planning, preparation, support, and execution of numerous repatriation operations reaching back to 1993. He played a direct role in repatriation operations for three U.S. Army soldiers held in Kosovo in 1999, and served as the Repatriation Team Chief, Forward, for the return and debrief of 24 U.S. Navy Crewmembers detained in the People’s Republic of China in 2001.  Jim also served as a principal team member and analyst for an agency-wide Personnel Recovery Needs Assessment for the FBI in 2005.

In the past ten years, Jim has researched and developed security “best practices” related to Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention, Active Shooter Response, as well as Safe Travel and Expatriate Operations.  He’s subsequently been the lead developer and project director for more than 15 safety and security, video-based training productions and associated Computer Based Training programs, addressing some of the most challenging personal safety and security issues facing today’s work environment.