Tier 3 – Managers and Supervisors

Media-Based Solutions

CPPS offers media based training specific for the learning level necessary for managers and supervisors.  CPPS understands Managers and Supervisors require a “Deeper Look” into the issue of WPV, augmenting their current understanding with additional concepts and vocabulary, enabling them to better identify Behaviors of Concern and related issues to facilitate the earliest detection that someone might be struggling and potentially on a path toward violence. Training is offered through video or distributed learning options (see products).


In-Person Solutions

CPPS will develop and deliver a training program geared toward managers and supervisors that will significantly enhance their background, knowledge and understanding of the issue of workplace violence.  Prior to the visit, and in tandem with course development, specific content and training agenda, can be coordinated between the CPPS team and the client representatives. 

Topics of discussion typically include but aren’t limited to:

  • Trend issues and insights regarding the prevention of workplace violence

  • Behaviors of concern

  • De-Escalation, Cooling Expressive Encounters

  • Suggestions for safe suspensions, terminations, and layoffs

  • The Active Shooter -  Perspectives and Insights

  • The Threat: Internal and External dangers, early warning signs & prevention strategies


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