Tier 4 – Threat Management Team

Threat Management Team Training

Members of the Threat Management Team should receive the most detailed and comprehensive training regarding the behavioral or psychological aspects of workplace violence, violence risk screening, investigatory and intervention techniques, incident resolution, and multi-disciplinary case management strategies.  This training will be conducted by two Subject Matter Experts with proven experience in workplace violence prevention and intervention.  This is a two-day, intensive course that will include lecture, case examples, and practical exercises in the assessment and management of threats and threatening behavior in keeping with industry “Best practices,” the ASIS/SHRM WVPI.1-2011, American National Standard, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention as well as the OSHA Instruction CPL02-01-052 Enforcement Procedures for Investigating or Inspecting Workplace Violence Incidents.


Threat Management Advisory (Retainer)

CPPS proposes to provide real-time consultation and Threat Assessment support to your organization.  This is an annual retainer allowing for your firm to have real-time assistance in the assessment and management of workplace threats as they occur.  The Threat Management Advisory Team consists of the top experts in the country in the area of Behavioral Analysis, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking and Crisis Prevention/Management.©



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