Advanced High Risk Travel Safety & Security for Executive Protection Professionals

Two to Three-day Course

This seminar provides an interactive environment in which to discuss the best practices for traveling safely in the international environment as part of the Executive Protection (EP) process.  Additionally, surviving worst case scenarios such as being abducted by criminal/terrorist elements or detained by officials of a foreign government is addressed.  Topics include safe travel practices, surveillance detection, surviving abduction, surviving captivity, minimizing exploitation, captivity resolution, as well as proven techniques to employ when detained by authorities of a recognized foreign government, such as immigration/customs, local police, and internal security personnel.

Experiential, role-play scenarios are woven throughout the day to psychologically challenge select students with typical dilemmas facing hostages/detainees, as well as inject an “artificial anxiety" into the training to assist students in cementing the lessons learned for future potential recall.  Examples from actual EP-related incidents and hostage/detainee events and interviews are used to enhance and clarify teaching points, as well as address student questions.


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