Workplace Violence Prevention and Response for HR, Legal and Security Professionals

One-day Seminar

Professionals in the areas of HR, Legal, and Security are often called to work inside of challenging situations as related to workplace violence, as well as provide related subject matter expertise to senior executive leadership.  This course is designed to significantly enhance background, knowledge and understanding of the issue of workplace violence.  Additionally, students will become familiar with the ASIS/SHRM WVPI.1-2011, American National Standard, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention as well as the OSHA Instruction CPL02-01-052 Enforcement Procedures for Investigating or Inspecting Workplace Violence Incidents.   

Tailored specifically to the roles of HR, Legal, and Security disciplines within the Threat Management Process, the training will address the evolutionary path of violence, Behaviors of Concern associated with Workplace Violence and use select incidents to ground learning principles to the work environment.  Additionally, this one-day training will address the importance of enhancing the working relationship between HR, Legal, and Security to create a better understanding of the roles each play in such areas as adverse actions and terminations, physical or behavioral warning signs and preparing for a terminations.  Finally, students will gain an understanding of how to bring their organizations into compliance with the National Standard and OSHA guidelines.

$749.00 per person


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Click HERE to contact us for selected dates & locations.

Also ask us how we can bring this class to your Location!


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